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What is the warranty on your deck?
We offer a 10,15 & 25 year-warranty on all fiber glass work and a 3-year warranty on the color coating against chipping.

How often does my deck need to be refinished?
Usually every 7 to 10 years. This depends on how much it has been abused by renters and maintained by the homeowner.

How long does a fiberglass deck last?
Fiberglass decks are made to last up to 50 years.

How do I maintain my deck after it is refinished?
We will email you a care and maintenance brochure after your deck is complete.

What is all the black dirt that lays on my deck and railings?  Beesley's point electric power plant burns coal and tires to produce energy. The exhaust from the plant blows over Ocean City and Sea Isle. The rain carries a lot of the black exhaust down and it lays on everything.

Can I paint my deck?
No. Paint does not stick to fiberglass very well, and does not hold up to furniture and foot traffic.

Is a refinished deck slippery?
Fiberglass is slippery when wet. We do add a non skid powder to the color coating for additional traction.

What time of year can this be done?
We refinish decks between March and December. January and February are usually too cold.

Is the super gel a better coating then what I have now?
Yes. What you have now is standard gel coat. It gets dirty easily and is hard to clean. With the super gel, dirt just wipes away, making it easy to clean the deck between changeovers.

Do all fiberglass companies carry super gel?
No. Our supplier tells us we are his only customer in New Jersey. This is because super gel is more expensive than standard gel, but the results are worth it. All other contractors carry the standard gel, which stains easily and is hard to clean. Because of this, if you are getting an estimate from a company and they don't have a sample that you can see and they can't give you references of satisfied customers, then Stay Away From Them!

Should I put a piece of carpet under my barbeque grill to protect the deck?
No. That is not necessary. A little car wax will provide added protection in that area.

Will the refinishing process make a mess?
No. There is no mess. We do over 200 decks a year and make sure that your railings, awnings, and walkways are kept clean.

Do I need to be there when you refinish my deck?
No. We use ladders to reach the decks so there is no need for us to enter your house. Just make sure that the outside outlets are working so that we can operate our floor sanders. Sometimes if we blow a fuse we will go to the real estate agent and get a key to reset the breaker. We may also need a key if you want us to put the deck furniture inside the house while the work is being done.

How long does it take to refinish a deck?
Most decks usually take a few days. Some decks with extensive repairs can take a week.

Can I walk on the deck right away?
You can usually walk on the deck the next day.

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