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Air Flow Systems for Attics, Crawlspaces, & Garages

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We at DP Builders have been working on homes for years and understand why the different areas of your house act as they do. We know that your garage, attic, and crawl space hold moisture that's just trying to evaporate. Unlike the main part of the house, there's no air flow from either circulating heat, air conditioning, or window breezes. This moisture stays confined to that space and increases daily. This moisture then turns to mold and spreads into the structure of the house. Once we remove the mold, the installation of an "AIR FLOW SYSTEM" can change all of that. Your home can be restored back to its original health, and you can safely store items in those areas instead of throwing them away.

  • Prevent Mold, Mildew & Dampness
  • Remove unpleasant odors
  • Dry out your garage or crawlspace with a custom air flow system designed specifically for your layout.
  • Cool down your attic, or bedrooms below your attic, with an air flow system designed to evacuate the hot air
  • Fill out the contact us form below, and a specialist will come out to your home to evaluate which system will be best for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to install my Air Flow System?
    • Approximately 2 to 3 days.
  • Do I need to be home for the install?
    • No. Since we are working in the garage or crawl space, customers usually leave us a key code, a key, leave the garage door open, or we pick up a key from the realtor.
  • We have flood vents around our house, so why do we still have a problem with mold and dampness?
    • It has to be really windy for air to come through those vents. They are mainly for flood and don't work well for venting. The air needs to be circulated and changed or it becomes stagnant. An Air Flow System is designed to change the air multiple times a day so that you always have fresh, clean air in your garage, crawlspace or attic.
  • Can you kill the existing mold?
    • Yes, we have an organic, fabric safe chemical that kills existing mold.
  • Can you repaint our garage if we want to freshen it up?
    • Yes. we can repaint your garage with a mold preventative paint. If your garage is unpainted now and the paper on the drywall is stained from mold, we recommend painting it to seal the paper surface.
  • I don't see any mold in my garage but it still has some bad odors in it. Why?
    • Garages have dampness to some degree around the bottom perimeter where the floor meets the walls. The wood framing behind the drywall or cement board stays damp and puts out and ongoing odor as well as moisture into the air. Removing the lower sections of drywall or concrete board and replacing them with breathable vinyl wainscotting will dry out the framing behind the walls and fix the problem.
  • My neighbor has plastic over the dirt floor in their crawl space. Should I have you install plastic sheathing over the dirt floor in my crawl space?
    • No. Plastic tarps over the dirt floor don't allow the dirt to aerate correctly. Moisture in the air lays on the plastic and eventually forms puddles of water.
  • We have multiple rooms connected to our garage. Can you install a system that can ventilate all of them?
    • Yes.
  • Our roof has a ridge vent along the length of the peak. Why is my attic still hot?
    • Ridge vents only work when it's extremely windy. In Fact we have found that the temperature of attics is still 140 to 160 degrees in the summer with or without a ridge vent. An Air Flow System would lower the attic temperature 50 to 60 degrees. This would make the rooms below the attic much cooler.
  • Would my air conditioning system work better if my attic was cooler?
    • Yes. If you have an AC system located in the attic, Air leaves the AC system as cold air, but then it is super heated as it travels through the attic to the bedrooms. That;s why the air feels warm as it comes out of the vents in the bedrooms. Cooling down the attic with an Air Flow System will fix this problem.
  • Can you install an attic stairs and wood floor in my attic so that I can use it for storage?
    • Yes we can.

Breathable Wainscotting Garage Wainscotting Garage Wall Wainscotting

DP Builders now offers breathable wainscotting for your garage or storage space. No more nicks, gouges, or scrape marks on the lower half of your garage walls! It's also flexible so it won't dent. It cleans very easy and never needs painting. The big plus is that the framing behind your walls will stay dry and mold free. It's also available in multiple colors. If you would like more info on this or any of our products, fill out the contact form below.

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